Monday, 24 November 2008



"'Now,' said John 'what is a LEVERET?'
'Ah, you ask because you are curious, no?', L said
'Yes, i suppose that is the reason' John replied
'And you would very much like to know the answer?'
'That is why asked.' said John, curtly
'You can not know', L said.
L went off into his house, safe in the knowledge of What A Leveret Is. Only he did know, and he was trying to keep it that way. People only started to care after he began playing his SONGS
in the park, on a dictaphone.
'Entrancing,' they said 'i can hear the bubbles move'
'Yes and I have drawn you a picture' replied the shadowy figure, to everyone he encountered there. But he was a musician, foremost, an artist close second.
Giving in to modern temptations was a thing he tried to shy away from but failed. Leveret had a myspace, an iPod, a laptop and a mobile telephone, for close friends.
If you visit his space, you may be enlightened or disgusted. It will be one of the two. Nothing less.
He is Leveret."




The forest was agitated.
It was agitated because of the groups that had taken to gathering in it’s depths. They convened weekly and discussed what? The forest didn’t know. But it didn’t like it.
They huddled in their cloaks and capes and beads and they mumbled. They did nothing but this. Just huddling and mumbling and occasionally moaning. All the while they dropped pine needles into their small fire, which the forest also didn’t like: it’s children wasted on producing a small crackle and spark. Although recently, due to the rains, this had not been practiced as much.
The forest still didn’t like them, and it tried to make this known. It tried to eradicate them. It made the creatures and the goblins show themselves, assuming this would scare the groups, but they didn’t even seem to notice the horrific beasts. They didn’t take a second look. Not even a first one.
The forest was agitated. But what could it do? It had done all in its powers. Well, apart from the frightful thing. Should it do the most frightful thing? Surely not. The forest was agitated that it couldn’t make up it’s mind. It was not a content forest.

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Waukei said...

Stellar, depth in which have you have dove. How do you view your world?