Monday, 27 October 2008



JESS HIGGINS is primarily a picture maker but is trying to make words fit together and work and stuff. She has existed for seventeen years and has lived in Eccles since she first left the womb. Leaving the womb was something tragic and terrifying but she is learning to deal with it day by day and really thinks that it’s fine to take things slowly like that. She likes staying at home all day long when she’s supposed to be doing something, which happens a lot because at the moment she is always supposed to be doing something seven days of every week, apart from at Christmas time and bank holidays and half term and Easter and summer. She enjoys scarves and warm drinks and having breakfast on a Saturday. Her favourite things to draw with are super fine line pens, and she likes to cut things up and make new things, stuff like that. She started this project with her old buddy old pal Howard in an attempt to encourage others to take POSITIVE STEPS and do really amazing things. She’d really love to hear what you’re up to at the minute, so feel free to say hi at JHESSIGGINS@HOTMAIL.CO.UK









We are silent again.

I am always having an off week and so are you, we are young and we think that we think, we think that we think deeply and too much, but mostly we are just having off weeks. I look at you and you look the same as you do everyday, I look at me and I look the same as I do everyday. We are growing bored with seeing each others face and clothes every day. We are tired of the feel of each others' hands. I consider this and become afraid. I reach for your hand and you clutch it and there is warmth. We turn a corner and a man in a suit and a hurry walks between us. Momentarily I forget where we are going. I open my mouth to ask and in the same moment I remember. You look and smile and expect, I pretend to sneeze and you take my hand again, you point out something you find interesting. We are there now and I need to sit down a second. We sit on the steps and smoke cigarettes, we are young and think that we think and think that we feel and feel as though we are eighty years old, we are praying FATHER TAKE ME HOME, I HAVE BEEN HERE TOO LONG.

Sunday, 26 October 2008


TOM PITTS is now the guy we've been looking for all this time. He has completed us in such unimaginable ways and now we are totally ready to hit the ground running in every aspect of every thing in the entire world. seriously.

We celebrated with a group hug. It was awesome.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Mushaboom is a monthly night promoting independant music and whatnot in Manchester, at the head of it all is EMMA TILLYER. As well as the night's, she runs a small record label called "Little Sparrow"
She makes a fanzine about other amazing things.
She is super awesome and she is contributing as a writer to VOLUME ONE.
Check out what she's doing here;

Other contributors so far are, RACHEL ANN DAY (as an artist) and DANIEL MARSDEN (as a writer) . RACHEL is currently doing her art foundation at Bolton Uni and is pretty much awesome. Daniel Marsden is currently at Xaverian sixth form college, he likes bob dylan, snoop dog, roll-ups and coats with furry lapels. The last piece of his writing I read was about an angry italian crackhead. It was good, and it made me want to be an angry italian crackhead.

WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR, two more artists and one more writer to contribute to volume one. AS WELL AS an artist for the core collective.

Monday, 20 October 2008


if you are here because you have seen this poster or one of these flyers, you are in the right place and we're really glad to see you. scroll down scroll down down scroll look!

Thursday, 16 October 2008


WE ARE YOUNG AND WE ARE TRYING is an art and literature zine based on encouraging undernourished creativity. Many creative people who primarily make images will write or have an idea towards writing but think "oh well, i'm not much of a writer" and will not build on their work. Similarly many writers will make images or have an idea towards doing so but think "oh well, i'm not much of an artist" and will not build on their work.
THIS IS NOT THE CASE. We believe that all creative output should be valued and we try to encourage young people who are DOING SOMETHING. It is important.

Each volume of W.A.Y.A.W.A.T will consist of one piece of art and one piece of literature (or small series of each) from ten people. We have a core group of two artists and two writers who contribute to each volume and act as a collective who are readily available for advice and collaborations. A further three writers and three artists contribute to each volume. These contributors can and should be ANYONE. Anyone who is young and who is trying but does not feel that they can hack it alone.

Each contributor has their own "mini-zine" or "part" which are free and readily available. They include information about the artist, their writing, and their piece of art as a poster which advertises the project and invites others to submit.
The full volumes of work will be printed real nice and hand made and sold through us, potentially with a CD of music from one musician who has also designed their own cover. We will make a limited amount per volume and sell them through this blog and other places. The profits from these go towards future materials and projects as well as acting as a small fund for core members and past and present contributors to use towards their own artistic ventures.

If you want to submit your work as a guest contributor e-mail one piece (or a small series of pieces) of writing and one piece (or a small series of pieces) of art/photography/images to WEAREYOUNG@HOTMAIL.CO.UK with some info about yourself.
note; each and every person who submits as a guest contributor will get their work published in a volume, we have no screening process and do not wish to have one.
If you are thinking about submitting something but don't feel confident, e-mail your art to
or your writing to
we will forward it to the other writer/artist and each of us will reply with help and advice.

If you don't want to contribute but want to support the cause, e-mail WEAREYOUNG@HOTMAIL.CO.UK with your address and we will post copies of EACH mini-zine for you to give out around your city or use to spread the word in some way.

This blog also acts as a multi-media reporting device in which we will make posts on other peoples projects, music, film, anything which we find amazing. If you do something, or know of someone else who does something, e-mail either of the addresses mentioned in this post with links and explanations.