Tuesday, 11 November 2008



A LITTLE BIT ABOUT EMMA TILLYER; "There is plenty to say upon this subject but I shall not bore you with ‘plenty’, I shall just explain that I am a second year English Literature student studying at Manchester University, that words are my first love and I have been writing poetry for the last 7 or so years but only seriously in the last 3. I like William Carlos Williams’ credo ‘no ideas but in things’; and with this in mind I try to look for the beautiful in the everyday, I try to illustrate my ideas about the world with an image, or a series of images. In my next life, if I could choose, I would come back with the face of Audrey Hepburn, the brain and soul of Allen Ginsburg, the music of Jeffrey Lewis in my fingertips and the entire poetic output of the 20th century committed to memory. Oh, and have Bonnie ‘prince’ Billy as my husband.

P.S Whoever told you that poetry is food for the soul, they lied. It’s more akin to air.

P.P.S The real soul food? Cheese and wine."

If you are Will Oldham and would like to propose marriage, you can get in touch at EMMA_MUSHABOOM@HOTMAIL.CO.UK





Out of his mother’s sewing box

a child pulls felt scraps to his feet

and kicks them into leaves,

he orders buttons into colours,

seeing plastic fruit,

a stash of gold-

Neat skeins unwound into thread walls, next door a

pincushion, rolled plumply into a head.


when it’s hair draws blood.

Pan back, a window- the child a dream.

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