Saturday, 27 December 2008



A little bit about RACHEL DAY
i never usually have trouble talking about myself, but during this i have come to realise it's hard to justify yourself. hard to explain where you're coming from to a complete stranger, in just a few words & 'i likes'. Giving it a whirl never hurt, & it's as good as i can do, right? i always try to be friendly with everyone on first aquaintance, but i've been told i'm a little intimidating. it's not something i aim for. but then i've also been told i'm very easy to get along with. ambiguity is a wonderful thing. it's also a wonderful word. anywhoot.. my name's rachel, i'm 20 & currently reside in radcliffe, manchester. i'm studying my art & design foundation a bit late, after two years out of education & in full time work. going back to school was the best decision i've ever made. i'm constantly fluttering around in bouts of obsession over many different things. always penguins & wine. currently bubble tea & gouache paint. alot of my time is spent in various homely pubs or in bed. to sleep, you understand. i sleep alot. i also write in bed. i write more than i read, & when i do read it's usually other people's journals. i'm not nosey, just curious.




I'd listen as we trapsed through the weeds & silvers, putting our feet
in the gaps of the wall, to pull ourselves higher & let it all go.
A view of a lifetime, which i could never forget, as the fields were
amber & the cattle grazing.

Monday, 15 December 2008


This is the part which doesn't really have a mini-zine, for various reasons, mostly cost, but here is a brief introduction to Kevin, his music, and a photo of a carpet.
THE WEAKNESS started after leaving home and becoming very lonely from living in a different place every few months. They're basement recordings with dreams of playing in sleazy dive bars everywhere and then asking nicely to sleep on your floor.

I think the UK would be a great place to meet people and I hope to move there after I graduate.


Sunday, 14 December 2008


Kevin Doyle aka (the) weakness has written a song inspired by this whole blog/zine/project/whatever. You can download it and have a listen here. It's really sweet and kind and amazing and flattering and loads of other positive words. THANKS KEV!

Also, we're hoping to get VOLUME ONE sorted and printed and made and beautiful and ready for the NEW YEAR, it will brighten up your January and enlighten your post christmas tv induced vegetable mind. More info soon, more work soon. SOON SOON YEAAAAAH! COOL! LETS PARTY!