Tuesday, 17 March 2009


On MONDAY the 30TH of MARCH we are joining forces with COMFORTABLE ON A TIGHTROPE to launch VOLUME ONE right out of the gutter it's been lying in for the past week at their monthly BEAT UNHAPPENING night.
From 8 O'CLOCK ONWARDS at Manchester's top hot spot for pop happenings the DEAF INSTITUTE there will be a feast of SWEET RECORDS of the GREATEST SORT, there will be LIVE PERFORMANCES from the LEG-ENDS we all know as FORMER BULLIES and one of our much loved contributors LEVERET, there will be a WEE BOOKSTALL for you to make purchases of ZINES and ART BOOKS and CDS and OTHER STUFF MAYBE, there will be DANCING, perhaps ROMANCING, definitely READINGS, and most importantly an EXHIBITION of the work from the zine.
Oh! And it's totally FREE. So bring your MA and your PA and your BRO and your SIS and your PAL and your NEIGHBOUR and your STRANGER.

We are one hundred and twenty percent sorry to anyone who didn't get the memo about last friday but there have been no angry calls or letters and no poo through the postbox so we figure that the wind carried our message to you and thank you for being okay with it.

PHEW AND WHAT A RELIEF! At last, our hopes and dreams, plans of action, leaps of faith and steps towards the light will finally be REALISED and we are eternally greatful for the hands of RL PERRY & L GLENTON. They are saviours of lives.

The poster above was made by JH, LG & RLP. It was alotta' fun.

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