Tuesday, 17 February 2009


This is a public apology concerning the lack of updates, keeping people in the dark and poor state of commitment and communication regarding this project;
"I am sorry"
- Jess Higgins, 22nd February 2009, dictated but not read.

The zine is, I promise, well on it's way, two months late and way behind schedule due to an utter disregard of keeping a schedule and miscalculation on the weight of the "real world."
We have an exhibition date, and thus a release date and thus are drawing up a tight schedule to bring you, the adoring public, the work of eleven nippers trying to do good. The line-up has shifted and changed a bit over the past couple of months so here are some updates on the people and what they're doing right now;

TOM PITTS and HOWARD MELNYCZUK just got back from Italy. No way!
ALEX PIERCE just released a fresh set o' songs called DOG STAR, Download and listen HERE and look at the nice cover he made HERE. He's also started posting a blog HERE
KEVIN DOYLE is, as far as I know, still in Cincinatti, Still makin' songs and last I heard, recording with an angry drummer and re-recording a song for a wee label. Sounds swell to me.
I haven't heard from RACHEL ANN DAY in a while but she turns 21 tomorrow. Why don't you send her an e-mail and wish her a nice time.
EMMA TILLYER hosted a ukelele festival today, with a few musicians playing songs on everyone's favourite instrument.
KATY FLYNN is going to Berlin tomorrow and has been talking about making T-SHIRTS alot, she's also looking for NAKED PEOPLE to model for her, why don't you send her an e-mail or check out what her blog says HERE
DANIEL MARSDEN recently turned eighteen, JESS HIGGINS bought him an urn, she's sorry about that too.
I bumped into SAM TURNER the other day, he might be going to Siberia in the summer, he also might be releasing some tapes. Remember to go HERE fairly often and check out some gigs to go to.
TIM WOODALL has a new story up HERE and just started posting a new blog HERE he has also been working to bring writers and illustrators together as part of SOUP ANTHOLOGY

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