Saturday, 27 December 2008



A little bit about RACHEL DAY
i never usually have trouble talking about myself, but during this i have come to realise it's hard to justify yourself. hard to explain where you're coming from to a complete stranger, in just a few words & 'i likes'. Giving it a whirl never hurt, & it's as good as i can do, right? i always try to be friendly with everyone on first aquaintance, but i've been told i'm a little intimidating. it's not something i aim for. but then i've also been told i'm very easy to get along with. ambiguity is a wonderful thing. it's also a wonderful word. anywhoot.. my name's rachel, i'm 20 & currently reside in radcliffe, manchester. i'm studying my art & design foundation a bit late, after two years out of education & in full time work. going back to school was the best decision i've ever made. i'm constantly fluttering around in bouts of obsession over many different things. always penguins & wine. currently bubble tea & gouache paint. alot of my time is spent in various homely pubs or in bed. to sleep, you understand. i sleep alot. i also write in bed. i write more than i read, & when i do read it's usually other people's journals. i'm not nosey, just curious.




I'd listen as we trapsed through the weeds & silvers, putting our feet
in the gaps of the wall, to pull ourselves higher & let it all go.
A view of a lifetime, which i could never forget, as the fields were
amber & the cattle grazing.

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