Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Mushaboom is a monthly night promoting independant music and whatnot in Manchester, at the head of it all is EMMA TILLYER. As well as the night's, she runs a small record label called "Little Sparrow"
She makes a fanzine about other amazing things.
She is super awesome and she is contributing as a writer to VOLUME ONE.
Check out what she's doing here;

Other contributors so far are, RACHEL ANN DAY (as an artist) and DANIEL MARSDEN (as a writer) . RACHEL is currently doing her art foundation at Bolton Uni and is pretty much awesome. Daniel Marsden is currently at Xaverian sixth form college, he likes bob dylan, snoop dog, roll-ups and coats with furry lapels. The last piece of his writing I read was about an angry italian crackhead. It was good, and it made me want to be an angry italian crackhead.

WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR, two more artists and one more writer to contribute to volume one. AS WELL AS an artist for the core collective.

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